Nearby places of interest


Water from the foothills of Plešivec flowing down over two stone benches formed two natural little waterfalls in the picturesque secluded corner of the town forest. There is a trail going towards them.

Spravedlnost (Justice)

Wooded basalt hill between Chřibská and Doubice. A private shelter was built on the rocky top in 1866 and was provided with a lookout deck, which is still used and offers beautiful views of the Lusatian Mountains.

Chřibský hrádek (Chřibská Castle)

The ruins of a stone castle of which no historical evidence has remained. It might have served as a guard castle to protect the trade routes.

The Area of Protection Líska

In the area of more than a hectar there is a rare plant called Lunaria Rediviva coming to blossom every year between May and June.


A 774 m high hill with an observation tower and a restaurant on the top. Crossroads of marked footpaths, cross-country skiing trails, ski slopes and ski lifts. Possible visit of nearby ruins of a medieval castle Tolštejn and of a museum of mining with a medieval mine in Jiřetín pod Jedlovou.

The National Park Bohemian Switzerland

A unique sandstone rock town with the occurance of rare plant and animal species and islands of well-preserved woods. The Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The Protected Area of Lusatian Mountains. Marked footpaths and trails with a lot of points of interest.